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Therapy Tonics strive for industry compliance as team members travel to Sacramento for an educational CCIA Compliance meetup

Last week, our team took the annual trip out to Sacramento for what was an eye-opening experience in the world of Cannabis Compliance as it pertains to the ever-changing California cannabis industry. The California Cannabis Industry Association hosts an annual conference that invites CCIA members to gather and learn about the most up-to-date compliance policy, and how this policy affects operating processes across the gambit of various cannabis businesses. Cannabis business operators that include cultivators, brands, retail dispensaries, & legal council contractors alike gathered for in-depth discussion and expert paneling, lead by active members of the CCIA. Therapy Tonics team members Executive assistant Bree Hess, Compliance Officer Shane O’Connel, as well as Therapy Tonics CEO & CCIA board member Chris Coggan, were all in attendance for a two-day conference to learn more about how compliance policy directly affects Therapy Tonics strategy for upcoming product launches, facilities requirements, track & trace, as well as their planned marketing initiatives.

“I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to attend the California Cannabis Industry Associations 4th Annual Policy Conference in Sacramento CA. The Conference was filled with some of the most prominent leaders within our industry and their knowledge was priceless! From the panels to the workshops, this was an incredible event, that gave Therapy Tonics the perfect building blocks to move forward and expand within 2019.” — Bree Hess

CCIA (California cannabis industry association) compliance policy meetup Sacramento, Ca March 2019 – Taken by Bree Hess

To many attendees, the highlight of the conference was the CBD and Hemp Workshop that shed light on a sector of the industry that has been unclear mostly until now. According to the panel experts, we can expect the 2018 Farm Bill to officially take effect in early 2020 following the California Lawmakers release of our States Plan pertaining to the Bill. This will allow hemp companies to pick up where they left off in 2018 when sales of CBD products derived from hemp was banned across the state. All while the state of California, aided by the CCIA is implementing more safety standards for the ways in which we test and market these products.

As for recent policy pertaining to the Cannabis industry, Therapy Tonics is fully on-board with the many policies and procedures necessary for expansion and will be implementing procedural changes to some of Therapy Tonics S.O.P’s immediately upon return back to San Diego. One scroll through social media, one would assume that many of the state’s operators have met cannabis compliance with some push-back and confusion, many brands have either not been educated on policy or have simply chosen to ignore the advising of cannabis consults such as the CCIA as it pertains to many practices. Given the often gray nature of the newly established cannabis industry, Chris Coggan & Therapy Tonics team being one of the only boot-strap brands with active leadership in the CCIA has unique position to be able to set an example and to in-practice influence cannabis compliance policy in a productive way that takes in account the concerns of the states many cannabis manufacturing brands, especially as it pertains to edibles manufacturing, labeling, track-&-trace, as well as social media & influencer marketing. CCIA members were able to test and discuss some of Therapy Tonics new & upcoming product formulations that are yet to be released. Conference attendees were all excited for our new product launches as well as the highly anticipated launch of our clothing line The Art Of Infusion, which was originally a concern as to how Cannabis brands can legally provide for-sale merchandise while still maintaining state compliance. The event afforded the team the ability to better understand the legal process in which how policy is affected, and how it should influence compliance procedures, which makes for safer cannabis operations for California communities and cannabis businesses across the board.

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Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill to Erase Past Cannabis Convictions

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On Sept. 30, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1793, which will wipe out or reduce past cannabis convictions for potentially hundreds of thousands of Californians.

Effective Oct. 1, the Department of Justice will be required to review criminal records by July 1, 2019 and recall, dismiss, seal or redesignate cannabis-related convictions that are eligible for expungement or reduction.

Misdemeanors for transporting up to an ounce of cannabis and growing six plants at home can be expunged. Felony charges such as transporting or selling over an ounce of cannabis can be reduced to a misdemeanor.

“AB-1793 will bring people closer to realizing their existing rights by creating a simpler pathway for Californians to turn the page and make a fresh start,” said Assemblyman Rob Bonta. “Long after paying their debt to society, people shouldn’t continue to face the collateral consequences, like being denied a job or housing, because they have an outdated conviction on their records.”

An estimated half-million California residents with cannabis-related convictions between 2006 and 2015 are eligible for reduced or expunged criminal records. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, only about 5,000 people petitioned to have their records cleared or reduced.

Several other cannabis-related bills were addressed, including the approval of Senate Bill 1294, granting funding to boost minority-owned businesses. Gov. Brown vetoed Senate Bill 1127, which would have granted students access to medical cannabis. He also vetoed Assembly Bill 1996, which would have allowed cannabis to be grown at the University of California for research, and Senate Bill 829 which would have exempted medical cannabis donations from cultivation taxes. Gov. Brown indicated that he plans on reintroducing SB 1127 to provide a way for students to have access to medical cannabis.

California joins Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Oregon, and Rhode Island, all of which have enacted similar laws.  The new law gained the support of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

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Therapy Tonics & Provisions in Compliance with California’s Cannabis Testing Regulations Ahead of July 1 Deadline

June 29, 2018

Therapy Tonics & Provisions products are in compliance with California’s new stringent cannabis testing regulations, including new labeling and packaging standards, which are set to go into effect on July 1.

The date was established as the transition period deadline for which all cannabis products sold in California must meet new guidelines to provide adult consumers ages 21-and-older with information such as ingredients and batch numbers among other things.

A leading producer of drinks and tinctures, Therapy Tonics & Provisions offers cannabis products for a variety of discerning taste buds. Compliant beverages include its vanilla caramel cannabis coffee, Indian spiced chai cannabis latte, coconut matcha cannabis tea, cayenne Mexican mocha cannabis milk, semi-sweet cannabis espresso and chamomile mint cannabis luna tea.

With its compliance program firmly in place, Therapy Tonics & Provisions is ready to meet the needs of licensed dispensaries throughout San Diego County and around the Golden State.

“In my capacity as chair for the CCIA’s (California Cannabis Industry Association) manufacturing committee, I am acutely aware of challenges that all cannabis businesses have had to overcome just to meet the state’s emergency regulatory expectations that were released late last year,” said Coggan. “These emergency regulations continue to evolve and change almost weekly. We are anxious to see the adoption of permanent regulations, the first draft of which should be available for public comment in mid-July. Once permanent regulations are in place, the California cannabis industry will be in a better position to more aggressively seek practical regulation and statutory reassessment as a means to normalize our multi-billion-dollar industry and suppress the illicit market.”

That giant step officially begins on Sunday, July 1.

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Recreational marijuana is now for sale in California — here’s what you need to know

Business Insider |  | Jan 1, 2018