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  1. April Herzog

    I am really confused about this product. I loooooove the vanilla coffee sativa drink and the people at the cannabis store sold me this (Ceylon 210) and told me it’s the same as the coffee but without the coffee. That sounded good to me, but I took two full droppers yesterday and felt zero sativa effects. That shocks me. On the box for this product, the ingredients list indica. But on the bottle, it says sativa and eucalyptis. I’m pretty confused and I feel like I bought a faulty product with the incorrect ingredients. What do I do about this?

  2. April Herzog

    Oh….I apologize. I thought this said that it would be submitted as an email, not a comment. I didn’t mean this to be a comment. Sorry about that.

    • Hi April,

      We appreciate the feedback and for commenting on your concern. To answer your question, our tinctures are better used for highly controlled micro-dosing. Each half dropper is equal to 1 serving, and there are 30 servings per bottle. With a total of 210mg of Sativa THC in the entire bottle of Ceylon 210. So in the case with the Cylon 210 — each half dropper is equal to 7mg of Sativa THC, if you are looking for an Indica effect, we also make our 210 Sakura — which is a similar formula only using Indica strain and includes sakura terpene for a natural cherry-like flavoring. Our 4oz vanilla coffee has 100mg of THC in the entire bottle and is broken down into 10 servings (10mg THC per dashed line on the “know your dose scale”) we recommend users start with a single dose and work their way up. In your case, perhaps your tolerance is a tad higher than most and can use 2-3 servings (1/2 dropper) to achieve your desired effect, that is the power of knowing your dose. We are aware that the most current version of our Tincture bottles does not have graduated droppers that display the exact amount in each dropper. We will be correcting that issue very shorty and apologize for the inconvenience. If you are still unhappy with this response please get in touch with us by emailing and we will try our best to remedy your issue. Thank you.

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