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About this Cannabis latte Drink…

Our Indian Spiced Chai Cannabis Latte is developed by using our all organic, exotic mix of spices inspired by a traditional Indian Chai tea recipe. That recipe was brought from the mainland to the Maldives by early settlers and still a nightly ritual of the Bangladeshi and Indian resort workers today.

These ingredients are steeped and mulled together in a eight step process, ensuring a consistent, great tasting cannabis latte beverage. We have made every effort to capture the essence of this traditional favorite and have effectively blended the flavors and medicinal power of cannabis sativa into this amazingly delectable treat.


What brought me to Chai

Two and a half days. That is how long it takes to get where I was headed. It all began with a 3 hour drive to Los Angeles Airport stuck in the Tahoe, floating in slow motion through an endless sea of traffic for no perceivable reason – its noon on a Saturday – for God’s sake…why is there traffic!?!  That said, seeing as how I had lost pretty much every cent I owned in the two weeks previous, the traffic only added to my already agitated  state of shock and disbelief.

When the shit hits the fan and you lose nearly everything, there are only a few options you really have. As for me, I basically opted out. I took what I had left and went on a surf trip. I needed some time to adjust to my new reality, to digest the fact that ‘high-risk investments’ are actually, for lack of a better word, risky. So, I booked a last minute trip to the Maldives, where I was going to spend 6 weeks trying to figure out what to do next.

I left. 18 hours to Singapore. Awe-struck and delirious from the plane ride, I headed to Raffles for a few cocktails and some peanuts and then back to the airport and off to Jakarta, Indonesia. Layover. Another 4 hours to the Maldives, where I landed at an airport that occupies its very own island. Three hour boat ride to the surf camp, 12 hour time difference from California, exhausted, jet-lagged and as a result of the never-idle work of human invention, somehow, on the other side of the world.

Yes, I surfed my brains out. At that time I was a body boarder, and I clocked minutes worth of barrel time. It was a phenomenal, life-altering experience. Yet, it was more about the people then the surf.

When you spend 6 weeks on an island you can circumnavigate in about 10 minutes, you get to know everyone, and at that time, the staff of the island made up the majority of the population. So, I ended up hanging out with them at the end of the night, nearly every night, sitting around their cramped, windowless lodgings, a world away from the spacious air-conditioned room that was my temporary home.

Most of these guys, in their late twenties and early thirties, were the sole bread-winners for their family at home in Bangladesh or India. At that time, they were paid $50 a month and worked 7 days a week, 15 hours a day. They were housed (poorly) and fed, mostly rice, fish, and the occasional can of vegetables. The totality of their money was sent home to support their families. They had but one pleasure, and that was the conversation they shared at the end of each night, after the guests had trickled back to their comfortable magical island hideaways.

They would sit and share stories of the homes they left behind, their wives they only saw one month out of the year, the kids that grew by leaps and bounds between each visit.  I sat with them many nights, listening intently to the stories they shared, laughing as they acted them out with reckless abandon and intense longing. It was so engaging, so unencumbered, so real – yet I didn’t understand a single word of it. Occasionally when something was really over the top, they would work together to give me the English version overview in a chorus of mispronunciations and dramatic reenactments, which brought with them additional rounds of uncontrollable laughter.

At the center of this nightly ritual was this spicy concoction of homemade tea, that we all drank with vigor. Even though we were in the tropics, this hot tea, its ingredients combined and steeped nightly in this ancient looking pot, were refreshing and calming. A few cinnamon sticks, a handful of cloves, cardamom pods, some kind of ginger and black peppercorns were added to black tea, creating this wondrous tasting beverage. And that, was my first introduction to Chai Tea.

I took that recipe home, I coveted it.

Every time we brew a batch of our Chai Latte, I close my eyes, transported by the heavenly scent back to that little island, back to that cramped room with the peeling, salt-stained paint and the squealing, off-balance ceiling fan. I can here the voices and the laughter, I can see the faces of those hard working, ever hopeful fathers and sons that had left everything they knew and loved to provide for everyone they knew and loved. And with every brew, I remind myself how lucky I am to be in a position to pursue my dreams, surrounded by the people and things that matter most.


105 calories / 80mg THC / 4.20 oz



Distilled Water, Evaporated Milk, Organic Indian Spiced Chai Loose leaf Tea, Non-GMO, Evaporated Milk, Xylitol, Cannabis Sativa, Xanthum Gum

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