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Case Reports: Cannabinoids Improve Speech In Patients With Tourette Syndrome

GERMANY: The daily administration of cannabinoids is associated with improved speech fluency in patients with Tourette Syndrome (TS), according to a pair of case reports published in The International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

A pair of researchers from the Hannover Medical School in Germany assessed the impact of daily cannabinoid treatment in two TS patients with treatment-resistant vocal blocking tics. One patient underwent therapy utilizing THC-dominant whole-plant cannabis. The other utilized dronabinol (oral THC).

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How Do Edibles Work?

People have made cannabis edibles for decades. Now, the world is interested to learn more about them, and see what kinds of delicious cannabis-infused creations are being made – like our ice cold artisan cannabis coffee and tea drinks, for example!

Edible cannabis products are popular among patients with gastrointestinal issues, people who want to medicate but would prefer not to smoke, and now, new consumers who want to be discreet about their consumption. But exactly how do edibles work within the body to create their long-lasting effects?

Some easy science education can help you feel confident about edibles in no time.

The Blood-Brain Barrier

Just as marijuana smoke works its magic after it enters the bloodstream, edibles must find a way to cross the “blood-brain barrier.”

When eaten or drank, THC actually starts to metabolize right in your mouth! The sublingual blood vessels are located under the tongue, and can absorb many nutrients directly. The rest of the THC passes through the GI tract, and eventually the liver, where it’s dispersed throughout the bloodstream and to the brain.

A Different High

The euphoric high and body sensations produced by cannabis edibles can actually feel much more powerful than the effects you get from smoking.

Usually it’s quite relaxing, and can help patients go to sleep with ease. However, with an edible, it’s quite possible to dose too high on the THC and feel uncomfortable. Hence the importance of starting out very small and working your way up, especially if you’re a beginner to using cannabis!

We include a dosage indicator on our standard-size bottles, to ensure anyone can use what they’re comfortable with.

So, are you ready to try an edible that will blow your mind?

Therapy Tonics & Provisions iced cannabis beverages are dosed from 25mg all the way up to 120mg THC, making them a great choice for everyone looking to experience something new. Each one is made with real coffee or tea, as well as all-natural traditional ingredients and flavors.

Check out our Therapy Tonics dispensary map, and stay in touch as we are always growing our footprint in California.

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Cannabis and Arthritis

Jeremy Kossen, writing for wrote this insightful article on Marijuana as it relates to Arthritis. After years of abusing my body in the world of extreme sports, I am starting to feel the long-term effects of the cumulative damage I have done to my body (i.e calcification and arthritis in certain joints has been the result of said abuse). Obviously, the idea of using Marijuana instead of Opioids for curtailing the symptoms associated with pain and inflammation has been one of the driving forces here at Therapy. Research seems to support the notion that Marijuana, unlike Opioids actually may stop the auto-immune response while activating the anti-inflammatory response. I read this to mean that, rather then simply masking the pain, Marijuana is actually addressing th source of it. As it relates to arthritis, I’ll let Jeremy tell the story…

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23 Health Benefits Of Marijuana

Jennifer Welsh and Kevin Loria Have written this article highlighting 23 of the health benefits of marijuana for To us here at Therapy, these benefits are furthered by the fact that, by drinking your medicine rather then smoking it, you are avoiding the negative effects associated with smoking, while at the same time having much more control over your dosage. In addition, there is far greater absorption of both THC, CBD, and the additional 80 or so active cannabinoids.

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