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5 THC + terpene tincture recipes to “elevate” your canna-party.

Summer is here, and with it comes opportunities to entertain and socialize at adult social functions. Canna parties are popping up all over the nation in legal cannabis states. Alcohol has traditionally been the main ingredient to loosen lips and hips at adult social engagements. The issue is not everyone these days wants to drink in order to have fun. If you are like us and often find yourself in a state of social anxiety, you are probably reaching for anything to help you break that anxious tension that comes with being an adult. But since not everyone is keen on alcohol. You can win “host of the summer” by adding THC infused hors d’oeuvres that will act as a healthy, discrete and fun social lubricant at your soiree´. Rise to social prominence with these fun THC infused tincture recipes that are sure to “elevate” your party with these 5 recipe tips.

Therapy Tonics is a licensed cannabis manufacturer operating within the legal California cannabis market. You can find any of Therapy Tonics terpene infused THC/CBD Cannabis tinctures by using our online dispensary finder.

1. Ceylon 210 infused red-pepper Hummus w/ Vegetable and bell pepper dippers

  • 2:1 THC/CBD
  • Dose: 7mg THC per half dropper dose (recommended 1-2 doses per serving)
  • 0mg CBD
  • Sativa blend
  • Onset: 40- 45 minutes
  • Flavor: bold, crisp & spicy – Celyon Terpene

This one is super simple and easy to prepare. Hummus & fresh vegetables can be found pre-made in any grocery store. Sure, you can elect to make your hummus from scratch. But who has time for that? Just pick up your favorite hummus (we used a taco inspired red pepper hummus), plate, and add desired amounts of Ceylon 210 for a spicy bold flavor therapeutic complement to the dish.

2. Symmetry 121 infused guac & chips.

cannabis infused terpene coated guacamole
  • 1:1 THC/CBD
  • Dosing: 5mg THC/ 5mg CBD per half dropper (recommended 1-2 doses per serving)
  • Hybrid blend
  • Onset: 40- 45 minutes
  • Flavor: sweet & earthy – Myracene Terpene

Unlike the Hummus dish, we recommend making your Guacamole from scratch. It’s just that much better. There are obviously several methods for making the perfect guac, we use the more traditional method –

  1. 3 avocados, ripe.
  2. 1/2 small onion, finely diced.
  3. 2 Roma tomatoes, diced.
  4. 3 tbsp, fresh cilantro, chopped.
  5. 1 jalapeno pepper, seeds removed and finely diced.
  6. 2 garlic cloves, minced.
  7. 1 lime, juiced.
  8. 1/2 tsp sea salt

Slice three ripe avocados in half, remove the pit and skins and scoop them into a mixing bowl. Then use a fork to gently mash them to your desired level of chunky or smooth. Add the onions, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, garlic, lime juice and salt and stir everything together.

Add your desired dose of Symmetry 121, That’s it. The most delicious, easy guacamole.

3. Linacene 125 cheese & summer sausage cracker Plate

cheese and meat terpene THC tincture infused plate
  • 1:5 THC/CBD
  • Dosing: 10mg THC/ .5mg CBD per half dropper (recommended 1-2 doses per serving)
  • Hybrid Sativa/Indica blend
  • Onset: 40- 45 minutes
  • Flavor: Floral – Linalool Terpene

Your favorite artisan cheese & sausage assortment + crackers and chocolate (optional)

plate, sprinkle a few drops of Linacene 125 over the dish, serve and enjoy.

4. Limonene 321 fruit salad

  • 3:1 CBD/THC
  • Dosing: 2mg THC 6mg CBD per half dropper (recommended 1-2 doses per serving)
  • Hybrid Sativa/Indica Blend
  • Onset: 40- 45 minutes
  • Flavor: clean, crisp, citrus – Limonene Terpene

Pick your favorite fresh fruit combination, chop into cubes, serve in a bowl and add the desired dosage of Limonene 321.

5. Linacene 125 Asian salad

  • 1:5 THC/CBD
  • Dosing: 10mg THC/ .5mg CBD per half dropper (recommended 1-2 doses per serving)
  • Hybrid Sativa/Indica blend
  • Onset: 40- 45 minutes
  • Flavor: Floral – Linalool Terpene

This one isn’t really a an hors d’oeuvres but a tasty appetizer. We used a pre-packaged assortment and added asian inspired tempura crunch, edamame, pepper toppings and a ginger dressing.

Therapy Tonics is a licensed cannabis manufacturer operating within the legal California cannabis market. You can find any of Therapy Tonics terpene infused THC/CBD Cannabis tinctures by using our online dispensary finder.

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Therapy Tonics strive for industry compliance as team members travel to Sacramento for an educational CCIA Compliance meetup

Last week, our team took the annual trip out to Sacramento for what was an eye-opening experience in the world of Cannabis Compliance as it pertains to the ever-changing California cannabis industry. The California Cannabis Industry Association hosts an annual conference that invites CCIA members to gather and learn about the most up-to-date compliance policy, and how this policy affects operating processes across the gambit of various cannabis businesses. Cannabis business operators that include cultivators, brands, retail dispensaries, & legal council contractors alike gathered for in-depth discussion and expert paneling, lead by active members of the CCIA. Therapy Tonics team members Executive assistant Bree Hess, Compliance Officer Shane O’Connel, as well as Therapy Tonics CEO & CCIA board member Chris Coggan, were all in attendance for a two-day conference to learn more about how compliance policy directly affects Therapy Tonics strategy for upcoming product launches, facilities requirements, track & trace, as well as their planned marketing initiatives.

“I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to attend the California Cannabis Industry Associations 4th Annual Policy Conference in Sacramento CA. The Conference was filled with some of the most prominent leaders within our industry and their knowledge was priceless! From the panels to the workshops, this was an incredible event, that gave Therapy Tonics the perfect building blocks to move forward and expand within 2019.” — Bree Hess

CCIA (California cannabis industry association) compliance policy meetup Sacramento, Ca March 2019 – Taken by Bree Hess

To many attendees, the highlight of the conference was the CBD and Hemp Workshop that shed light on a sector of the industry that has been unclear mostly until now. According to the panel experts, we can expect the 2018 Farm Bill to officially take effect in early 2020 following the California Lawmakers release of our States Plan pertaining to the Bill. This will allow hemp companies to pick up where they left off in 2018 when sales of CBD products derived from hemp was banned across the state. All while the state of California, aided by the CCIA is implementing more safety standards for the ways in which we test and market these products.

As for recent policy pertaining to the Cannabis industry, Therapy Tonics is fully on-board with the many policies and procedures necessary for expansion and will be implementing procedural changes to some of Therapy Tonics S.O.P’s immediately upon return back to San Diego. One scroll through social media, one would assume that many of the state’s operators have met cannabis compliance with some push-back and confusion, many brands have either not been educated on policy or have simply chosen to ignore the advising of cannabis consults such as the CCIA as it pertains to many practices. Given the often gray nature of the newly established cannabis industry, Chris Coggan & Therapy Tonics team being one of the only boot-strap brands with active leadership in the CCIA has unique position to be able to set an example and to in-practice influence cannabis compliance policy in a productive way that takes in account the concerns of the states many cannabis manufacturing brands, especially as it pertains to edibles manufacturing, labeling, track-&-trace, as well as social media & influencer marketing. CCIA members were able to test and discuss some of Therapy Tonics new & upcoming product formulations that are yet to be released. Conference attendees were all excited for our new product launches as well as the highly anticipated launch of our clothing line The Art Of Infusion, which was originally a concern as to how Cannabis brands can legally provide for-sale merchandise while still maintaining state compliance. The event afforded the team the ability to better understand the legal process in which how policy is affected, and how it should influence compliance procedures, which makes for safer cannabis operations for California communities and cannabis businesses across the board.

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Group Therapy, Giving Back | Pacific Beach, Street Cleanup

April 1, 2019 - April Fools Day (but we ain't fool'n)

This past Monday, Team Therapy cut out of work a little early to voluntarily join up with local Pacific Beach establishments to help clean up the often streets of PB. Armed with grabbers, trash bags, gloves, and positive vibes; our team came prepared to give back to the local community that has given us so much. Several of our very own team members call the Pacific Beach community home, such as our Sales & P.A.D. trainer, Shaggy Bullock.

"We showed up strong with 8 members decked out in Therapy gear and with lots of energy. We teamed up with Sand Bar and Hoboken Pizza to clean the boardwalk and the alleys next to the beach. This cleanup not only allowed us to give back to the community who supports us, but also to have an open discussion with anyone who had questions About our brand or the Industry as a whole. I was happy to say between the 9 businesses that participated we had over 50 people volunteering and filled a dumpster full of trash found on the streets. Therapy will definitely be apart of and host more events like these!

We were able to capture a rare photo of our very own C.E.O., Chris Coggan who managed to break-off from his ever-demanding schedule to participate in the community event, as documented on Instagram.

Also joining us were brand committed ambassadors & social media influencers who kindly volunteered their time and efforts to giving back to the PB community, thank you Ana & Matt! Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram @cannanuu & @jamesblonde_007

All-in-all it was a wonderful day of community service complimented with beautiful weather and even better people. We are proud to call San Diego home and look forward to more opportunities to give back to our local community & beyond.



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Why & how I joined the cannabis industry – by Executive Assistant Bree Hess

Most industries around the world are often dominated by men in what can only be described as a “boys club”. Thankfully for the growing cannabis industry, our female leaders have been stepping in and making a huge influence on our industry. In fact, most of our Therapy Tonics mentors & employees are women of cannabis and we couldn’t be more proud.

Last week we were invited to attend an event in San Diego titled “Executive Women in Cannabis : Exploring Emerging Opportunities”, like many localized events and panels we attend we often bring team members to help educate attendees on our Therapy Tonics products and offer up polite conversation about the culture and ethos of the Therapy brand. This week through our usual speaker CEO Chris Coggan was unable to join us as he was out sick. But fortunately, our very own Executive Assistant – Bree Hess was able to step in and offer up her story on how and why she got involved in the Cannabis Industry and how it has vastly improved her quality of life. In hindsight, Bree ended up representing this particular discussion from a female point of view much better than Chris ever could, and we are glad she was able to step up and knock it out of the park. We were able to capture her story here.

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Cannabis Wonderland 2018 Recap

Howdy Y’all Texas Taylor here from Therapy Tonics to give you a brief recap on this past week’s events in Las Vegas. Read along with me as I will be quickly going over my take on MJbizcon, Cannabis Wonderland afterparty and the future speculation of Therapy Tonics.

Regardless if you are somewhat new to the cannabis industry or you are an industry O.G., you would have probably recognized by now that Mjbizcon is the largest and most important annual cannabis business conference of the year. With a rapidly growing turnout year-over-year the MJ Business convention consists of a weeklong escapade of industry movers & shakers all coming together to share ideas and network on behalf of their respected trades. Personally, I was only able to attend the actual convention for a brief moment and was blown away with overall size and engagement I was seeing coming from the Las Vegas convention center. Even my Uber driver said it was busier than normal day for the convention crowd, which if you have ever been to Las Vegas for a convention you will know, that alone is quite a statement. A brief stroll through the convention floor could have you stopping for an in-depth chat with all sorts of industry services and brands ranging from cultivation, research, distribution, finance, legal, media, packaging, warehousing, banking, software etc.. etc.. There were seemingly hundreds of private events, parties, seminars, and showcases for an individual or group to RSVP and attend. In an incredibly busy 3 days for the Therapy Team, Bree Hess, a colleague of mine was able to break off from the demanding party coordination to attended The Women of Cannabis (WOC) conference and had this to say about the experience “It was a great opportunity to engage with women of the Cannabis Industry, and not only that but executive women who were motivated, driven and inspiring. It was a pleasure to come together with these amazing individuals to discuss the importance of furthering research for both medical and recreational use in the Cannabis Industry”. A musk of dank air arose over Las Vegas which produced a vibe one could only describe as “positivity” as almost every encounter I had from the event security to the business executive was left with positive aspirations of things to come for the cannabis industry. Even competitors seemingly co-existed and were able to come together to discuss ideas as well as share pleasantries. It was a feeling of community that I have personally never seen or felt before at a business convention. Which speaks volumes to the culture of this industry.

Aside from the convention, companies showcased their brands and services at what seemed to be a pick-and-choose of showcase after parties. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a handful of high-profile events hosted at some of Las Vegas’ finest luxury establishments where I could casually shake hands and mingle with some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry over an adult beverage or the sharing of a smoke sesh. After parties provided a business casual environment to meet and mingle individuals from all aspects from industry. You can easily find yourself in a conversation with a CEO of a cannabis company, distribution executive, journalist, a freshly budding entrepreneur, or even a potential investor.

Of the handful of afterparties that I was personally able to attend, I can say with certainty and all bias aside that Cannabis Wonderland was by far the most impressive of all the afterparties. A must see event, Cannabis Wonderland is an interactive and highly engaging trip down the rabbit hole, where corporate sponsors, industry wigs, celebrities, investors, media journalists, bud-tenders and cannabis consumers all gathered for a celebration of the normalization of cannabis that can be described as anything but, well.. normal. Event Coordinators Deviant Apex put on an extravagant show of professional elegance and general weirdness that spoke volumes about the rapidly exploding state of the cannabis industry. I overheard Dan Schmink – CEO of Deviant Apex the coordinators of Cannabis Wonderland say that “We are honored to serve our over 4200 guests that experienced Wonderland with us this week and are looking forward to sharing 2019’s plans in the near future”.
Attendees that RSVP’d to the event were afforded a wealth of entertainment from mingling with Alice in Wonderland and cast, a trippy pool-side party experience complete with artistic water performance, several interactive sponsored presentations, a group smoke-sesh in one of three party tour buses, a fully packed club-like experience raging in the bar and lobby sections of the hotel, and for the select few, an interactive one-on-one VIP experience provided by event sponsors complete with medicated tastings. Needless to say, that if you missed out on the photo-op that was Cannabis Wonderland 2018, you need to make a point to mark the event on your calendar to make it out to Las Vegas next year; where I can only assume to expect an even more grandeur and extravagant themed party. Be on the lookout for more events by Deviant Apex, as I am sure they will have many more down the pipeline in the coming year.

In what was a huge week for the Therapy Tonics team, both internally and externally — we take home with us a feeling of accomplishment. Several years in the making to step out on a national scene and showcase the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that has persisted from all of our team members consisting of our manufacturing, sales, creative, and executive departments. Team members that were able to attend and work the event all had inspiring words as they look back on the struggles an accomplishments of a rapidly changing cannabis industry over the past few years, and move forward to what can only be envisioned as a promising future for this San Diego based Cannabis brand. Therapy Tonics looks to maintain momentum and finish the 2018 year out strong, CEO Chris Coggan had this to say about the event “(quote from Chris)”. Moving forward Therapy Tonics CEO & Team are forecasting a rapid growth in company size, sales, and possibly SKU’s with talk of potential new flavor offerings, an apparel brand, collaborations and an uptick in creative media in the next year to come. A big thanks to all the event sponsors, vendors, attendees and not to mention, the Artisan Hotel for helping to make this event a success. We are already stoked to see you next year