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Cannabis Indica Edible Review: Therapy Tonics Luna Tea

It is always refreshing when an edible company uses the combination of other herbs in their recipes. This ancient form of healing is prominent in the Luna Tea, a blend of cannabis indica Cherry Kush and other herbs to lull anyone to sleep.

The Look

The small purple bottle contained a sample size of 15mg but their product for sale contains 25mg THC and 10mg CBD. It contains a decoction that combines the powers of whole organic chamomile flowers and organic peppermint leaves paired seamlessly with Cherry Kush cannabis indica. It is also one of their three vegan products in the line, the Luna Tea is made with coconut milk and features a perfectly stratified flavor set.

Taste & Mouthfeel

The floral palette of chamomile hits as soon as we take a swig but it is immediately replaced by a coconut-cannabis hybrid before it shifts and finishes with a fresh mint. It is absolutely ideal before bedtime. The emulsification process perfected by the years of work from Therapy Tonics make this the best cannabis milk product I’ve had thus far. There is no chalky flavor or film left in our mouths, it’s a perfect little drink that goes down easy.


Personally, I don’t have trouble falling asleep I have trouble staying asleep. The thing that I love about using cannabis edibles is that they keep me asleep throughout the night which is a real treat. The Luna Tea was no exception, I drank the entire 25/10 split THC to CBD bottle just before going to bed at my normal time. I not only fell asleep like a champ, I slept through the whole night which led me to wake up feeling refreshed and alert.


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