Therapy Tonics

Team Therapy

therapy tonics ceo lead design chris

Chris Coggan, CEO - Lead Designer

Chris is our enigmatic leader, he wears many hats and is not afraid to jump in the mix and get his hands dirty. Not only is he the CEO of Therapy Tonics, but Chris also holds a board position with the California Cannabis Industry Association and heads up the manufacturing committee for the CCIA as their only boot-strap manufacturing operator.

Chris is the final stop in regards to brand direction, product formulations, manufacturing, label design, creative, executive management, and company finance. Chris leads all teams with a very hands-on approach that is assertive and democratic but not overwhelmingly authoritative. You can find Chris at most Therapy Tonics related public events, making up one of the most recognizable faces of the Therapy Tonics brand.

Chris boasts an impressive list of past business experience that includes attending Scripps Institute of Oceanography; pursuing an art degree at SDSU; owning and selling two web design firms; owning and selling a San Diego cafe restaurant; and even being a world-renowned letterer, designer, and graffiti artist.

therapy tonics brewmaster anthony

Anthony Tagliareni, Brewmaster

As brewmaster, Anthony focuses on running production and R&D for all new products. He has trained a team of 6+ associates on brewing standards and has created a training protocol to prepare each associate for their next position within Therapy.

His brew leads are all educated on regulations, brewing pars, and kitchen standards. He has hand crafted onboarding all of therapy’s brew associates and is responsible for therapy’s success in mastering 99% pour accuracy!

therapy tonics lab manager maria

Maria Herrera, Lab Manager

Working at Therapy Tonics has been a passion for Maria for over 3 years now. She spends her time in the tincture room trying to expedite the production process.

She thrives in a clean, organized, and peaceful working environment filled with tons of dancing and laughter! The tincture room is always seen as a relaxing escape from the fast paced beverage room next door. Maria also runs our other tincture project, Therapy Pure Essentials, which is our CBD line based out of San Diego.

She personally uses our tinctures to manage her pain and has spent hours researching terpenes and their effects when mixed with THC. This has allowed her to really tailor our tinctures for specific uses, making them a unique and top quality product.

therapy tonics executive assistant bree

Bree Hess, Executive Assistant

As executive assistant, Bree has become a master hatter. From organizing Chris’s daily schedule to ensuring production is ready for the week ahead, Bree always shows up with a positive attitude. She oversees event organization and coordinates with brand ambassadors in preparation for our weekly Patient Appreciation Days. She assists our sales team, ensuring all sales are tracked and fulfilled appropriately.

Previous to Therapy, Bree worked in management for 8+ years. From retail sales management to office assistant, she gathered all of the skills needed to move Therapy into an organized structure in prepartion for its recent growth. Her experience at L’brands gave her the communication and people skills that she uses in the day to day protocols she implements, ensuring Therapy runs efficiently.

therapy tonics compliance officer shane

Shane O'Connel, Compliance Officer

Being the compliance officer is not an easy job in the California cannabis market, yet Shane still manages to make it look like a piece of cake. From regulations changing at a drop of a hat to stickers and packaging woes, Shane is always on top of the ball.

In addition to helping our CEO with his political outreach, Shane is also a Brew Lead in production. He helps ensure that all brews are evolving and are consistent with TTP standards.

He is a crucial part of therapy’s team and plays an invaluable role in day-to-day operations.

therapy tonics israel

Israel Guillen, Purchasing Agent

As Therapy’s purchasing agent, Israel is in charge of complying with California's metric tracking system. He places all supply orders, ensuring we are prepared for production at all times.

Over the last year, Israel has gone from a Brew Apprentice to our purchasing agent due to his exceptional organizational skills and drive to succeed. He has mastered his position and has broken down our inventory to comply with distribution and regulatory standards. Israel also makes sure that all ingredients are well tested before they are incorporated into Therapy’s recipes.

therapy tonics safety officer amanda

Amanda Scott, Safety Officer

In Amanda’s position, she is in charge of creating and updating our Master Manufacturing Protocol, Safe Operating Procedures, and our Hazard Control Plan. She works tirelessly to ensure all manufacturing practices are input accurately and that all operations are executed in a safe manner.

Amanda also helps run tincture production, remediate products, and assists with all brews. Her experience in the military has given her an advantageous sense of urgency and self initiative, while her administrative experience gives her the knowledge to effectively execute all tasks listed above.

therapy tonics creative director tk

Taylor Knox, Creative Director

Taylor is a graphics designer, photographer, and videographer that leads up our social media and creative content creation. He works directly with brand influencers and organizes the creation of strategic media content, internally and externally.
Taylor comes from a background in freelance design and customer service. His past experience as an early team member of a now industry-leading, global dietary supplement sports nutrition brand -- in roles focusing on customer service, brand narrative, social media, events, and influencer marketing management -- has given him first-hand experience into the fast-changing environment that comes along startup culture.