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Making a “hippie speedball” is easier than ever before with these blends of THC and caffeine.

There’s something so perfect about combining coffee with cannabis, whether it’s a morning joint smoked along a steaming cup of joe, or a precisely-dosed, cannabinoid-infused drink from one of these ingenious edibles companies. The caffeine gets your body running, but the cannabis removes any jittery, nervous feelings.

Cannabis and coffee are a classic complimentary combination with a rich history that goes all the way back to the infamous “Club des Hashischins” in the 1840s up to comedian Rob Cantrell’s immortal 2009 ode to “Coffee and Weed.” The balanced synergy between pot and coffee sparks creativity and novel ideas, while making mornings easier to deal with, which helps everyone be happier, healthier and more productive.

Get your “wake and bake” started with products that will get you buzzed in more ways than one!

Promising three hours of functional euphoria with a variety of bottled beverages, including cannabis coffee, Mexican mocha, spiced chai and coconut matcha, Therapy Tonics provides a high dose of 80 mg of sativa-derived THC in each 4.20 ounce bottle of deliciousness. The Vanilla Caramel Coffee blends a rich espresso with a smooth vanilla caramel finish along with a hint of euphoria from the sativa infusion. Great for a productive day!

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  1. Just take it off the list! So many more dangerous drugs than cannabis are not on the list, like alcohol and tobacco. Why make this more complicated than it needs to be. Stop creating new law enforcement opportunities and loopholes.

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