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Month: March 2017

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How Do Edibles Work?

People have made cannabis edibles for decades. Now, the world is interested to learn more about them, and see what kinds of delicious cannabis-infused creations are being made – like our ice cold artisan cannabis coffee and tea drinks, for example!

Edible cannabis products are popular among patients with gastrointestinal issues, people who want to medicate but would prefer not to smoke, and now, new consumers who want to be discreet about their consumption. But exactly how do edibles work within the body to create their long-lasting effects?

Some easy science education can help you feel confident about edibles in no time.

The Blood-Brain Barrier

Just as marijuana smoke works its magic after it enters the bloodstream, edibles must find a way to cross the “blood-brain barrier.”

When eaten or drank, THC actually starts to metabolize right in your mouth! The sublingual blood vessels are located under the tongue, and can absorb many nutrients directly. The rest of the THC passes through the GI tract, and eventually the liver, where it’s dispersed throughout the bloodstream and to the brain.

A Different High

The euphoric high and body sensations produced by cannabis edibles can actually feel much more powerful than the effects you get from smoking.

Usually it’s quite relaxing, and can help patients go to sleep with ease. However, with an edible, it’s quite possible to dose too high on the THC and feel uncomfortable. Hence the importance of starting out very small and working your way up, especially if you’re a beginner to using cannabis!

We include a dosage indicator on our standard-size bottles, to ensure anyone can use what they’re comfortable with.

So, are you ready to try an edible that will blow your mind?

Therapy Tonics & Provisions iced cannabis beverages are dosed from 25mg all the way up to 120mg THC, making them a great choice for everyone looking to experience something new. Each one is made with real coffee or tea, as well as all-natural traditional ingredients and flavors.

Check out our Therapy Tonics dispensary map, and stay in touch as we are always growing our footprint in California.

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Cannabis Indica Edible Review: Therapy Tonics Luna Tea

It is always refreshing when an edible company uses the combination of other herbs in their recipes. This ancient form of healing is prominent in the Luna Tea, a blend of cannabis indica Cherry Kush and other herbs to lull anyone to sleep.

The Look

The small purple bottle contained a sample size of 15mg but their product for sale contains 25mg THC and 10mg CBD. It contains a decoction that combines the powers of whole organic chamomile flowers and organic peppermint leaves paired seamlessly with Cherry Kush cannabis indica. It is also one of their three vegan products in the line, the Luna Tea is made with coconut milk and features a perfectly stratified flavor set.

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Forbes Magazine on the current state of Cannabis Coffee, Tea and Edibles.

Most cannabis consumers prefer to smoke their marijuana, which is a more traditional method, followed by edibles. Coffee and tea drinks just don’t seem like pot to many consumers.

“You have to twist people’s perspective to a new way of medicating,” said Chris Coggan, Chief Executive Officer of San Diego-based Therapy Tonics & Provisions. “It’s definitely one of our biggest challenges.” The company makes cannabis-infused coffee and tea bottled beverages. Coggan believes the early cannabis beverage business got off to a bad start with awful tasting drinks. After a quick pop during the early days of cannabis beverages sales started to decline, but he believes that is changing. “One of the things we pride ourselves on is that you don’t taste the cannabis and it doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth like other products,” Coggan said.
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